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Ed: 34: May/2009

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Essay: The Rebound Categories: Asia, Egypt, Islamic Extremism, Lebanon, Terrorism     Author: Zachary Abuza

Jemaah Islamiah has for more than 15 years fought to transform Indonesia into an Islamist state. In recent years, its terrorist campaign has suffered setbacks. As Jemaah Islamiah regroups, it builds upon the experience of Middle East terrorist groups.

Bibi and Barack Can Unite Categories: Israel, United States     Author: Yossi Klein Halevi

In Washington, a new president is reaching out to the Muslim world, including Iran. In Jerusalem, the new government represents the disillusionment of the Israeli public with 15 years of failed peace talks.

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Top Heavies Categories: Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

The Middle East may be astir and the global economy ablaze, but Binyamin Netanyahu, since cobbling together his surprising coalition of opposites, has a measure of peace.

AIR New Zealand: Durban Dissent Categories: Antisemitism, Australasia     Author: Miriam Bell

Ever since I heard that a "Durban II" conference on racism was going to be held, I've watched with interest to see whether New Zealand would be involved and what sort of public dialogue might occur about our stance.


Editorial: Washington and Jerusalem Categories: Israel, United States     Author: Colin Rubenstein

President Obama has reportedly said he wishes to begin renewing peace progress by asking for a series of "concrete steps" as reciprocal "confidence-building measures". This is potentially fully congruent with Netanyahu's approach - especially in terms of his concentration on "reciprocity"

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