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Ed: 33: September/2008

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Essay: Dying To Kill Categories: Terrorism     Author: Michael Horowitz

There are two important questions to consider in studying suicide terrorism. First, why has suicide terrorism emerged in the last few decades as such a potent weapon? Second, why is it that some terrorist groups use suicide terrorism, while others have not?

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Israel and the Global Economic Crisis Categories: Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

By sheer coincidence, the international economic downturn, sparked by the American sub-prime mortgage crisis and ongoing problems rattling global commodity markets, unfolded just when the Israeli economy's performance had become the subject of universal admiration.

Is It Over? Categories: Iraq, Islamic Extremism, Lebanon, Middle East, Terrorism     Author: Max Boot

The thinning of its ranks and the loss of central direction have had an obvious impact on al-Qaeda's operational effectiveness. A new study from Simon Fraser University ... finds that since 2001, there has been a net decline of 40% in casualties from terrorism around the world.


Editorial: Leadership Stakes Categories: Israel     Author: Colin Rubenstein

This month Israelis will begin the potentially convoluted process of selecting a new prime minister – a process that could take as little as a few weeks or as long as several months.

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