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Ed: 33: July/2008

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Future Tense in Beirut Categories: Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Terrorism     Author: Yehonathan Tommer

The Doha Agreement restored a tense quiet to Lebanon, pulling its rival ethnic communities back from the brink of an unwanted civil war. But, in the longer term, it represented a major step forward in Hezbollah's creeping efforts to assert hegemony over the country.

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Counter-Terror Contretemps Categories: Australasia, Terrorism     Author: Allon Lee

The study has since been repeatedly cited in the Australian media as having "proved" that community policing is the key to counter-terrorism. However, the empirical portion of the study cannot support such sweeping claims, and its conclusions are rejected at least in part by many of the country's to

After Olmert Categories: Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Ehud Olmert may still be manoeuvring, but practically everyone else in Israel agrees, and all dynamics indicate, that his time as prime minister is up.


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