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Ed: 31: April/2006

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Hamas Takes Over Categories: Palestinians     Author: External author

There's good news at last about Palestinian politics! Hamas has not appointed any suicide bombers to its Palestinian Authority (PA) cabinet. Of course, the joke is that the only reason is that they are dead.

Beyond Ideology Categories: Israel     Author: Ted Lapkin

A wise man once counselled me to avoid the business of making predictions - especially if they had anything to do with the future. And as the dust begins to settle from Israel's parliamentary elections, enough surprises have emerged to validate the wisdom of that advice.

Editorial: "Convergence" in Israel Categories: Israel     Author: Colin Rubenstein

As expected, Ehud Olmert, the leader of the Kadima party founded by Ariel Sharon last year, won a mandate to govern Israel in the election of March 28, albeit one smaller than predicted.

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