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Ed: 43: May/2018

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The Watchers on the Border

The Watchers on the Border Categories: Hamas, Israel, Palestinians     Author: Yoav Zitun

From an air-conditioned operations room with many big screens, the IDF's Gaza Division observers have been managing one of the more complex tasks the Southern Command has faced amid Hamas' border fence protests campaign over the recent weeks - identifying suspects coming near the border fence.

Biblio File: The Book of Binyamin

Biblio File: The Book of Binyamin Categories: Israel     Author: Daniella Greenbaum

Anshel Pfeffer's Bibi: The Turbulent Life and Times of Benjamin Netanyahu dispassionately chronicles the many successes and failures that have so far characterised the personal and political life of Israel's charismatic yet divisive leader.

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A stunning economic success story

A stunning economic success story Categories: Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Israel's economic growth has been the fastest in the developed world so far this century. Public debt, at 59% of GDP, is lower than in Germany, Britain, France and the US. Inflation and unemployment, 0.4% and 4% respectively, are among the lowest in the world; the shekel is stronger than the dollar,

AIR New Zealand: Room for improvement

AIR New Zealand: Room for improvement Categories: Australasia, Israel     Author: Miriam Bell

When talking to community representatives, the continuing importance of Israel to Jewish New Zealanders is inescapable. They cite deep-rooted religious and historic links, family connections, and growing business and academic interests as evidence of this. But they also see Israel as being an intrin

Asia Watch: Rematch looms

Asia Watch: Rematch looms Categories: Asia     Author: Michael Shannon

There is a sense of déjà vu surrounding Indonesia's coming presidential election, which is now less than a year away - April 17, 2019. Incumbent President Joko Widodo will likely again face off against former army general, son-in-law of Suharto, wealthy businessman and perennial player

Celebrating 70 Years of Democracy and Debate

Celebrating 70 Years of Democracy and Debate Categories: Israel     Author: Einat Wilf with Shany Mor

Seventy years after declaring independence, Israel is (by one reckoning) the world's tenth oldest continuous democracy. It had universal suffrage from its first day - yes, Arab citizens too, and it has continued to operate without military coups, civil wars, or suspension of elections to this day, s

Behind the News - May 2018

Behind the News - May 2018 Categories: Iran, Israel, Middle East, Palestinians    

A report published in late March 2018 about the Palestinian Authority (PA) exposed corruption at the highest levels. In its annual report, the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity found widespread corruption and lack of transparency and accountability in the PA during 2017.

Media Microscope: Anti-Jew diligence

Media Microscope: Anti-Jew diligence Categories: Australasia, Media/ Academia     Author: Allon Lee

March/April felt like a turning point in the mainstream media reporting on the recrudescence in global antisemitism. This year, with Passover and Good Friday - a date freighted with historic instances of anti-Jewish libels and violence - coinciding, ABC Radio National "Breakfast" (March 30) decided

Deconstruction Zone: The Case for Moral Clarity on Gaza

Deconstruction Zone: The Case for Moral Clarity on Gaza Categories: Hamas, Israel     Author: David Harris

Two centuries ago, the great German poet Goethe said: "The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes." It's as true today as it was then. The difference between Hamas and Israel couldn't be greater - yet you wouldn't know it when listening to some observers.

A relationship 70 years young

A relationship 70 years young Categories: Australasia, Israel     Author: Naomi Levin

The relationship between two young, geographically distant, geopolitically different and historically divergent countries - Australia and Israel - has been the result of constant work, effort and perseverance. Overall, this unique relationship has been one of shared values and the result of the str

The Last Word: Return engagement

The Last Word: Return engagement Categories: Australasia, Israel, Palestinians     Author: Jeremy Jones

Bob Carr, former Premier of New South Wales, former Foreign Minister, formerly trusted by more than a few ex-colleagues who now question his integrity and decency, is now subject to ridicule as he strains credulity with his responses...

Israel's Iranian danger next door becomes real

Israel's Iranian danger next door becomes real Categories: Iran, Israel, Syria     Author: David Horovitz

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has long warned of the danger posed to Israel, not many years hence, by Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons. As of April 13, Israelis are contemplating the danger posed right now by a non-nuclear Iran that is working to entrench itself in Syria.

The Israeli Exception

The Israeli Exception Categories: Israel     Author: Evelyn Gordon

Israel consistently ranks as the 11th happiest country in the UN's annual "World Happiness Report," and why on overall assessments of the country - like whether society is broken or whether people feel like strangers in their own land - Israelis were far more upbeat than respondents in most other co

Israel at 70: A strategic assessment

Israel at 70: A strategic assessment Categories: Israel, Middle East     Author: Efraim Inbar

The balance of power between Israel and its neighbours is the critical variable in Israel's quest for survival in a bad neighbourhood. As long as the power differential between the Jewish State and its foes is growing, then Israel's capacity to overcome regional security challenges is assured.

Editorial: An Unlikely Story

Editorial: An Unlikely Story Categories: Israel     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Seven decades after its founding, Israel - one of the world's most enduring and stable democracies - has also matured into one of the world's most vibrant and dynamic countries. Its success story must also be considered among the most unlikely. By any measure, Israel's humble beginnings as a war-to

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