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Ed: 42: December/2017

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Biblio File: Revisionism revisited

Biblio File: Revisionism revisited Categories: Europe, Israel     Author: Paul Monk

Heller's book on Jabotinsky and the Eastern European roots of Revisionist Zionism is a vital contribution. The miracle is that he has given us a wonderfully well researched, finely nuanced and deeply informative history, rather than an ideological polemic.

Deconstruction Zone: Why Israel Saved A Syrian Village

Deconstruction Zone: Why Israel Saved A Syrian Village Categories: Israel, Syria     Author: Evelyn Gordon

For the third time in the last two years, Israel threatened military action to stop an attack by extremist Syrian rebels on the Syrian Druze village of Khader. It did so despite the fact that Syrian Druze have sided with the Assad regime in that war, meaning they're aligned with Israel's arch-enemie

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Essay: Coexistence Lost

Essay: Coexistence Lost Categories: Israel, Middle East     Author: Efraim Karsh

The leaders of the nascent pan-Arab movement were perfectly amenable to endorsing the Balfour Declaration so long as this seemed to be conducive to their ambitions.

Asia Watch: Theory and practice

Asia Watch: Theory and practice Categories: Asia     Author: Michael Shannon

Under Prime Minister Najib Razak, the Malaysian government has long touted the merits of a cohesive and inclusive multi-religious society in the Muslim-majority nation... But a string of racial and religious incidents has brought concerns of rising Islamic conservatism to prominence, as the governm

Sadat's Visit - after 40 years

Sadat's Visit - after 40 years Categories: Egypt, Israel     Author: Efraim Karsh

Forty years ago this month, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat landed at Ben-Gurion Airport for a two-day visit in Jerusalem at the official invitation of Prime Minister Menachem Begin. The entire world held its breath.

Osama bin Laden's secret diary

Osama bin Laden's secret diary Categories: Iran, Islamic Extremism, Middle East     Author: Clifford May

On May 2, 2011, a US Navy SEAL team made a brief stop in Abbottabad, Pakistan where they terminated Osama bin Laden's life and then moved on to their second mission: collecting as much information as possible from within the al-Qaeda leader's compound. They carried off computers, memoranda, photos,

Europa Europa: Domestic Unease

Europa Europa: Domestic Unease Categories: Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism, United Kingdom     Author: Douglas Davis

I have always felt a profound debt of gratitude to Britain. It did not roll out the red carpet but, rather impassively, it offered me a refuge and the opportunity to lead a normal life of anonymity, which is the blessing of a big city. No more. Like many other Jews, I no longer feel at ease in Brit

The Last Word: Un-credible

The Last Word: Un-credible Categories: Australasia     Author: Jeremy Jones

At an Australian Union of Students conference some decades ago, Ali Kazak, claiming to represent Yasser Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organisation, was standing behind a table piled with leaflets and booklets. He started giving a presentation on the PLO, in which he made terrorists and hate mongers

Partition - the Legacy of November 29, 1947

Partition - the Legacy of November 29, 1947 Categories: Middle East, United Nations     Author: Mitchell Bard

The Jews of Palestine were not satisfied with the small territory allotted to them by the Commission, nor were they happy that Jerusalem was severed from the Jewish State; nevertheless, they welcomed the compromise. The Arabs rejected UNSCOP's recommendations. The ad hoc committee of the UN General

Is Palestinian reconciliation serious this time?

Is Palestinian reconciliation serious this time? Categories: Palestinians     Author: Michael Herzog

On 1 November, the Hamas movement began the process of handing over the three Gaza border crossings to the Palestinian Authority (PA), as part of the September reconciliation agreement signed between them under Egyptian auspices. This agreement looks far more serious than the numerous ones that have

Back to Beersheba

Back to Beersheba Categories: Australasia, Israel     Author: Ahron Shapiro

Even before departing Australia for the landmark historic commemoration at Beersheba, the excitement was palpable. Flights to Israel, connecting through Asia, were heavily booked. One could not be unmoved by the unusual sight of row upon row of Australians flocking from city and countryside alike, p

Crisis in Lebanon

Crisis in Lebanon Categories: Lebanon, Middle East, Saudi Arabia     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Just what transpired when the 47-year-old Hariri arrived in Riyadh is unclear, but circumstantial evidence suggests the resignation was not his idea and its text was written by someone else.

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