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Noted and Quoted - July 2016 Categories: Australasia, Media/ Academia    

Fairfax's Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers (June 10) ran a Washington Post report on the June 8 terror attack in Tel Aviv in which four Israelis were murdered in a café with the headline, "Deadly Shooting at mall opposite defence HQ." The report itself merely stated that "the attacks

Biblio File: The Perils of Nation-building

Biblio File: The Perils of Nation-building Categories: Middle East, United States     Author: Douglas J. Feith

Mr. Mandelbaum rightly notes that US attempts to foster democracy and free markets abroad were an important part of American foreign policy after the Cold War. And such attempts, time and again, fell short of their ambitious goals. He spurs readers to ask why societies are so hard to transform and w

Israel's field of dreams

Israel's field of dreams Categories: Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Ever since the 1952 Helsinki Games, Israel has made sure to compete in the Olympics (except the widely boycotted 1980 games in Moscow), and its overall athletic pursuits have since developed in tandem with, and as an intriguing reflection of, the Jewish state's social evolution.

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Asia Watch: Crossing a line Categories: Asia, Islamic Extremism     Author: Michael Shannon

The Islamic month of Ramadan is meant to be a period of physical sacrifice (fasting) in order to achieve deeper religiosity, but all too often it highlights excess. Indonesia and Malaysia may be far from Islam's Middle Eastern heartland, but are increasingly subject to its influences.

Israel's Missile Defence Race

Israel's Missile Defence Race Categories: Israel     Author: Rachel Kaye

The newest component of Israel's active defence network - the David's Sling Weapons System - has been delivered to the Israeli Air Force ahead of full deployment later this year. David's Sling will act as a middle tier within Israel's multi-layer missile defence network, operating above the Iron Dom

Deconstruction Zone: After Orlando

Deconstruction Zone: After Orlando Categories: Islamic Extremism, Terrorism     Author: David Harris

As the horrific events in Orlando unfolded on June 12, all Americans of good will reacted with horror and dismay... once again, we have witnessed a horrendous terrorist attack motivated, in part or in whole, by radical Islamic ideology. The killer was known to the FBI, and made clear his sympat

The Last Word: Family ties

The Last Word: Family ties Categories: China, Interfaith Dialogue, International Jewry, Israel     Author: Jeremy Jones

It was mid-afternoon, mid-Ramadan. Other than one sleeping traveller, and a handful of workers, the mosque complex in Kaifeng, Central China, was deserted. It was an eerily quiet place in an otherwise bustling, noisy city. I had come to the mosque with an energetic, enthusiastic member of one of th

Europa Europa: Paris' unintended consequences

Europa Europa: Paris' unintended consequences Categories: Europe, Israel, Palestinians     Author: Douglas Davis

Pity Francois Hollande. The French President's country is beset by terrorism, his overseas military missions - in Libya, Mali and Syria - are in tatters, his labour unions are in full revolt, while his personal popularity ratings are at a record low of 13%. How to placate his domestic Muslim populat

Scribblings: The Gaza "siege" myth lives on

Scribblings: The Gaza "siege" myth lives on Categories: Palestinians     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

Perhaps on some level it isn't surprising that it still happens - though, on another, it is nonetheless shocking, because it is so easily disproven. I'm speaking about how Hamas and other Palestinian groups like to present Israel's blockade of military items into Gaza as a "siege" - and too many peo

Politically right, but very wrong

Politically right, but very wrong Categories: Australasia, Far Right, Immigration/ Multiculturalism     Author: Glen Falkenstein & Gareth Narunsky

There are a number of far-right parties to be wary of in the 2016 federal election - including some whose radical views are not obvious or widely recognised. Populist anti-immigration and anti-multiculturalism minor parties have long been a persistent but largely marginal feature of Australian polit

The Greens and Israel

The Greens and Israel Categories: Australasia, Israel     Author: Ahron Shapiro

Pre-election polling and analysis suggests the Australian Greens party is likely to pick up one or more lower house seats this election - on top of retaining the seat of Melbourne. This gives it the potential to not only hold the balance of power in the Senate, but if a hung parliament results from

Minor Key

Minor Key Categories: Australasia, Israel     Author: Jamie Hyams

The Nick Xenophon Team (NXT), having secured more Senate primary votes in South Australia than the ALP at the 2013 election, will likely achieve three or even four Senate seats there this time. Running candidates in all SA electorates, it is also slightly favoured to gain the lower house seat of May

The awful Israeli-Hezbollah conflict to come

The awful Israeli-Hezbollah conflict to come Categories: Israel, Lebanon     Author: Willy Stern

Hezbollah has a nasty collection of more than 130,000 rockets, missiles, and mortars aimed at Israel. This is a bigger arsenal than all NATO countries (except the United States) combined. Why, a reasonable person might wonder, does Hezbollah need an offensive arsenal bigger than that of all Western

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