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Adopting Out

Adopting Out Categories: International Security, Iran, Middle East     Author: Michael Makovsky

Sunday, October 18, wasn't just a day of baseball playoffs and football games. It was "Adoption Day," when all parties to the Iran nuclear deal must have begun preparing to implement its terms. And while the Obama Administration took another opportunity to pat itself on the back for its achievement,

90 years of Al-Aqsa incitement

90 years of Al-Aqsa incitement Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Petra Marquardt-Bigman

You may think, that almost 90 years ago, rumours of threats to Al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock due to evil "Zionist" plots to rebuild the Jewish Temple there would have been dismissed as ridiculous. After all, the Zionists of the 1920s were mostly secular, lacking both the motivation and the means,

The ISIS ‘Whitewash'

The ISIS ‘Whitewash' Categories: Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Terrorism     Author: Yoram Schweitzer

A side result of the horrors perpetrated by IS is the whitewashing of the crimes of totalitarian regimes and other terrorist groups, who have brutally murdered thousands around the world even before IS was created, and continue to do so today.

Print edition

Biblio File: Masters of Their Own Fate Categories: Media/ Academia, Middle East     Author: Joshua Muravchik

Karsh challenges the received wisdom... among Western commentators and leaders that the agonies of the Middle East are traceable to the rough handling of the region by the Western powers - first European colonialists, then American cold warriors.

Noted and Quoted - November 2015 Categories: Australasia, Media/ Academia    

Abdolhossein Vahaji, Iran's Ambassador to Australia, told Fairfax's David Wroe (Sept. 12) his country supports the regime of Syria's Bashar al-Assad because without him "the situation is going to be worse...who is going to take over?...ISIS is going to take over." Wroe sensibly noted, "the regime h

Media Microscope: The Knife's Edge Categories: Australasia, Israel, Media/ Academia     Author: Allon Lee

The upsurge in Palestinian terror and Israeli countermeasures received mixed media coverage. Fairfax correspondent Ruth Pollard (Oct. 18) held both Israelis and Palestinians guilty of incitement, but largely downplayed Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas' responsibility.

ISIS model fires up Palestinians

ISIS model fires up Palestinians Categories: Islamic Extremism, Israel, Palestinians     Author: Bassam Tawil

By now, it has become clear that our young Palestinian men and women have learned a lot from the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group. This new "intifada" that some Palestinians are now waging against Israel should be seen in the context of the wider jihad that is being waged by the Islamic State, Ham

Europa Europa: The Aid Business

Europa Europa: The Aid Business Categories: Europe, Middle East, NGOs     Author: Douglas Davis

Oxfam, Christian Aid, Save the Children, War on Want... the clue, mostly, is in the names. These organisations, dedicated to relieving global poverty and human suffering, are sitting on the side of the angels and doing heaven's work. Or are they?

Asia Watch: Close encounters

Asia Watch: Close encounters Categories: Asia, Israel     Author: Michael Shannon

The moment came and went in seconds. Yet, the chance encounter between Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak and his Israeli counterpart Binyamin Netanyahu in a corridor at the United Nations building in New York generated a torrent of chatter. Najib explained that he had bumped into Netanyahu at a

Essay: Grandstanding Against Peace

Essay: Grandstanding Against Peace Categories: Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism     Author: Glen Falkenstein

There was something missing from the Asian Cup this year when it kicked off in Australia. Not only was there the absurdity that an Israeli team was not present, despite being in geographically the same area as the Palestinian territories - which did send a team to the competition - but any mention o

A Grave Moment in the Middle East

A Grave Moment in the Middle East Categories: Israel, Middle East, Palestinians, Russia, Syria     Author: Ehud Yaari

The context of the recent violence in Israel is that there has been a frightening loss of control by the Palestinian Authority (PA) and its security organs over the refugee camps of the West Bank. In the refugee camps, new gangs have emerged who do not feel any respect towards Mahmoud Abbas and his

The Russians are Coming

The Russians are Coming Categories: Israel, Russia, Syria     Author: Nadav Pollak

On Sept. 21, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met with Russia's President Vladimir Putin, a meeting that focused on staying out of each other's way in Syria. According to statements by both leaders, it seems the meeting went well. Netanyahu emphasised Israel's main concerns in Syria, namely

The Last Word: A Date to Remember

The Last Word: A Date to Remember Categories: Australasia, Interfaith Dialogue     Author: Jeremy Jones

October 28, 1965 is a date which should be respected and honoured. It was on this day, at the meeting of the Second Vatican Council, that the Catholic Church adopted the declaration Nostra Aetate, effectively acknowledging that close to two millennia of teaching of contempt towards Jews had brought

How these terror flames were lit

How these terror flames were lit Categories: Israel, Palestinians, Terrorism     Author: Nadav Shragai

At the helm of this campaign are two key movements: Hamas - a well-known, proclaimed terrorist organisation - and one that still operates under the confines of Israeli law: the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel, headed by Sheikh Ra'ed Salah.

"Lone Wolves" for Al-Aqsa

"Lone Wolves" for Al-Aqsa Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Eitam and Naama Henkin were driving in the West Bank northeast of Tel-Aviv when bullets sprayed from a passing car took the couple's lives and orphaned their four boys, ages nine years to eight months, who witnessed their parents' murders from the car's back seat. The five assailants were quickly a

Deconstruction Zone: Deafening Silence

Deconstruction Zone: Deafening Silence Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: David Harris

For days now, I have been watching in dismay as Israeli citizens face random attacks, some deadly, by Palestinian assailants on the streets of their cities and towns. Children have been orphaned, parents have lost children, and some survivors are doubtless scarred for life. I have been waiting to s

Editorial: Deadly Myth Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Is the current wave of Palestinian terrorism against Israelis - mainly involving stabbing attacks on the street - a response to settlement activity and frustration by Palestinians over "lack of movement" in the peace process, as US Secretary of State John Kerry and many in the media have suggested?

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