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Ed: 40: August/2015

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Noted and Quoted - August 2015 Categories: Australasia, Media/ Academia, Middle East    

Columnist Rowan Dean blasted the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel as "anti-Semitic" and a "grotesque fraud", pointing out its hypocrisies. Hypocrisies include boycotting "Jewish businesses... and even a Jewish theatre" in this country "on the pretence of supporting th

Yes, there is an alternative

Yes, there is an alternative Categories: International Security, Iran, United States     Author: David Horovitz

Three months ago, defending what he called the "historic" framework understandings reached with Iran in Lausanne over its rogue nuclear program, US President Barack Obama planted a false and highly unpleasant insinuation. "It's no secret," the President declared in an April 2 address, "that the Isra

AIR New Zealand: Turtle Bay Dreams

AIR New Zealand: Turtle Bay Dreams Categories: Australasia, Middle East, United Nations     Author: Miriam Bell

In theory, the United Nations is the epitome of effective diplomatic activity and relations. Yet, in practice, it is, all too frequently, an epicentre of vitriolic rhetoric, wilful misinformation, and unfortunate end results. There is prestige and status attached to seats on the various UN councils

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Media Microscope - Nuclear Knockout Categories: Australasia, Iran, Media/ Academia     Author: Allon Lee

Whatever the merits of the P5+1 agreement on Iran's nuclear program, its significance was not lost on the local media. ANU Professor Amin Saikal told ABC Radio Melbourne 774 "Mornings" host Jon Faine (July 15) that Iranian objections to military site inspections are reasonable to prevent "military

Shatter Zones

Shatter Zones Categories: Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen     Author: Michael J. Totten

The chattering class has spent months bickering about whether or not the United States should sign on to a nuclear deal with Iran. Hardly anyone aside from the Saudis, however, seems to recognise that the Iranian government's ultimate goal is regional hegemony and that its nuclear weapons program is

Iran Deal Empowers Hamas

Iran Deal Empowers Hamas Categories: Iran, Palestinians, Saudi Arabia     Author: Khaled Abu Toameh

Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement that has vowed to destroy Israel, is emerging as one of the biggest beneficiaries of the nuclear deal reached in mid-July between Iran and the world powers. Emboldened by the deal, Hamas is now seeking to reap the fruits by tightening its grip on the Gaza St


Asia Watch: Fear and Loathing Categories: Asia     Author: Michael Shannon

Such is the mesmerising effect of atrocities perpetrated by ISIS that any act committed in its name appears only to be the tip of the iceberg. Far from its epicentre in Syria and Iraq, the spate of ‘lone-wolf' attacks means that Islamic groups and individuals expressing any identification with

Deconstruction Zone: Human Wrongs Council Categories: Israel, United Nations     Author: David Harris

The 47-member UN Human Rights Council in Geneva on July 3 voted to assail Israel because of the Hamas-triggered war in mid-2014. That's right, assail Israel, not Hamas. But then again, this is the inaptly named UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC). When it comes to Israel, these things are so routi

The Last Word: Reclaiming Cohesion

The Last Word: Reclaiming Cohesion Categories: Australasia, Immigration/ Multiculturalism     Author: Jeremy Jones

A mid-July contrast: In a number of cities and towns across Australia, small gatherings rallied to a call to "Reclaim Australia", and were generally confronted by counter-protesters calling for bigots to, well, go back to where they came from. Meanwhile, at the Parramatta campus of the Uni

Biblio File: Bullies, Dissemblers and Slanderers

Biblio File: Bullies, Dissemblers and Slanderers Categories: Anti-Zionism, Media/ Academia     Author: Jeremy Jones

Fast forward to 2015, where the most vocal of those in the forefront of anti-Israel activity brand themselves as supporters of boycotts of, divestment from, and sanctions on, Israel (BDS).  While there may well be some individuals misled into believing peace, justice or some other worthy aspir

Essay: Washington's Iran Lobby

Essay: Washington's Iran Lobby Categories: Author: Sohrab Ahmari

The metamorphosis of Iran, in elite American opinion, from terrorist state into US partner is a long-brewing triumph for a certain set of ideas about the Islamic Republic and its relation to the nation it has called the "Great Satan" since its birth... Its basic purpose has always been to sell the I

Israel and the Iran Deal

Israel and the Iran Deal Categories: Iran, Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

By sheer coincidence, the deal to constrain Iran's nuclear program was signed during the three weeks in which Jews commemorate what began with the breaching of ancient Jerusalem's walls and ended with the torching of its Temple. Though opinions in Israel vary concerning Iran's immediate threat to t

A Great Deal - For Iran

A Great Deal - For Iran Categories: International Security, Iran     Author: Elliott Abrams

It has taken decades to build the structure of international sanctions against Iran, and now we are entirely abandoning it. To believe that these sanctions can or will "snap back" - 60 pages' worth of listed firms, entities, companies, ports, ships, banks, individuals, and on and on - if Iran engage

Editorial: Empowering A Rogue Categories: International Security, Iran     Author: Colin Rubenstein

The Iranian nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), struck in mid-July by the P5+1, led by US President Barack Obama, poses a grave danger to peace and stability in the Middle East and beyond on two different levels. It not only fails to stop Iran's drive for

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