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Ed: 38: January/2013

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The Last Word: Demonstrating Decency

The Last Word: Demonstrating Decency Categories: Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism, Australasia     Author: Jeremy Jones

On 6 December 1938, an extraordinary event took place in Melbourne. William Cooper, an Indigenous Australian in his late 70s, led a delegation to the German Consulate in Melbourne, to deliver a petition formulated after he heard and read reports of "Kristallnacht" and other anti-Jewish manifestatio

Media Microscope: Tooning Out Categories: Australasia, Media/ Academia     Author: Allon Lee

As mentioned in last month's "Noted and Quoted", on Nov. 21, at the conclusion of the recent Hamas-Israel fighting the Age published a highly provocative cartoon by Michael Leunig which paraphrased German pastor Martin Niemoller's famous epigram ("First they came for the...") to position the Palesti

Essay: Native Son

Essay: Native Son Categories: Egypt, Islamic Extremism     Author: Raymond Ibrahim

Around 1985, current al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri fled his homeland of Egypt, presumably never to return. From his early beginnings as a teenage leader of a small jihadi cell devoted to overthrowing Egyptian regimes (first Nasser's, then Sadat's) until he merged forces with Osama bin Laden, exp

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Iron Dome: A true game changer?

Iron Dome: A true game changer? Categories: Israel     Author: Mitch Ginsburg

Iron Dome is a hero and a comfort for the residents of the south, who, after years of facing rocket fire without protection feel, at last, that they are being taken into account. The anti-rocket system was developed in record time and performs a task that many felt was unfeasible - locating, trackin

Setting Things Straight

Setting Things Straight Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United Nations     Author: Alan Baker

Now that the dust has settled on the Palestinian UN upgrade bid; now that Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas has received his applause and kudos from the UN Plenary, from the Europeans, and from many Israelis as the hero and saviour of the Palestinian people; now that the UN General

Bibi in Poll Position

Bibi in Poll Position Categories: Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Israel has, in its 65 years, seen some major electoral upsets, most memorably Benjamin Netanyahu's defeat of Shimon Peres in 1996, and Menachem Begin's rise to power in 1977. No one is expecting a comparable upset in the general election scheduled for Jan. 22. As things currently appear, the main s

Asia Watch: Two Tracks

Asia Watch: Two Tracks Categories: Asia, Israel     Author: Michael Shannon

Indonesia's public stance towards Israel - established by a long precedent - is still characterised by loud, almost ritualistic denunciations and rejections, yet equally established is the precedent of pragmatic, private flirtations, including the constant stream of tourists and visits by influentia

Scribblings: What Palestinians want Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

Hamas leader Khaled Meshal made international headlines on Dec. 7 when he made a particularly uncompromising speech in Gaza promising never to recognise Israel and to liberate all of Palestine "from the river to the sea" via armed "resistance". It's worth specifically parsing what he had to say abo

Editorial: A Wrong Turn Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United Nations     Author: Colin Rubenstein

The United Nations General Assembly vote on November 29, upgrading the Palestinian mission at the UN to the status of an "observer state" was a unilateral move which violated a core tenet of the Oslo Accords, stipulating that neither party would attempt to unilaterally change the legal status of the

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