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Ed: 37: December/2012

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Essay: The Great Refugee Trap

Essay: The Great Refugee Trap Categories: NGOs, Palestinians, United Nations     Author: Nitza Nachmias

The twentieth century experienced some of the worst instances of population displacement in history: the 15 million ethnic Germans forced out of their homes in Eastern Europe after World War II; the millions of Muslims and Hindus fleeing the newly established states of India and Pakistan during the

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A Turn of Battle in Syria

A Turn of Battle in Syria Categories: Syria     Author: Jeffrey White

After almost 20 months, Syria's internal war appears to be approaching a decisive stage. Since early October, rebel forces have been on the offensive in key theatres, while regime forces are stretched thin, increasingly on the defensive, and giving ground. The conflict is evolving from a war of attr

Take Two

Take Two Categories: Middle East, United States     Author: Robert Satloff

As much as we would like to wish it so, it is a mistake to think the United States can pivot away from the Middle East and toward Asia, as though we have a fixed amount of bandwidth and the luxury of reapportioning it based on our preference. For the foreseeable future, the United States cannot avoi

How Gaza Changes the Mideast Game

How Gaza Changes the Mideast Game Categories: Egypt, Israel, Middle East, Palestinians     Author: Lee Smith

In mid-November, Israel embarked on "Operation Pillar of Defence", the second time it's gone to war against Hamas in the past four years. The proximate cause of this campaign, according to Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak, was "the incessant rounds of artillery rockets and mortars into the heart

The Rockets of November

The Rockets of November Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Tel Aviv tends to revel in its image as a bastion of hedonism and frivolity that defies Middle Eastern tensions, but as autumn's seagulls overflew its fishermen's piers the city received a stark reminder of where it is situated. As sirens ululated across the cosmopolitan metropolis, sending thousan


Scribblings: Body Counts and Proportionality Categories: Antisemitism, Israel, Palestinians     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

In the recent Gaza conflict, as in 2008-2009, the media was obsessed with "disproportionate" body counts - the fact that more Palestinians were dying than Israelis. Such counts of course, have nothing to do with the actual international law principle of "proportionality", which says that the damage

Editorial: A Tactical Success Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Israel's eight-day "Operation Pillar of Defence", which ended with a ceasefire agreement on November 21, was a limited operation with a primary objective - to staunch the flow of rockets launched from Gaza and landing on southern Israel's cities and villages. Some 764 rockets had struck Israel from

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