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Ed: 37: November/2012

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Media Microscope: Bidding Wars Categories: Australasia, Media/ Academia     Author: Allon Lee

Australia's successful UN Security Council campaign garnered much coverage prior to and after the secret ballot on October 18. Before the vote, a number of commentators pontificated on whether the government's support for Israel at the UN would affect the bid.

"Palestine" as a "State" of Mind

"Palestine" as a "State" of Mind Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United Nations     Author: Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

Last year, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas went to the UN Security Council (UNSC), attempting to have "Palestine" admitted to the UN as a member state. It soon became clear, however, that the Council was not going to approve the bid, as "Palestine" does not yet meet the criteria f

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Abbas' Five Non-Options

Abbas' Five Non-Options Categories: Palestinians     Author: Tal Becker

At a time when the Middle East is in upheaval, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been pushed to the margins of the diplomatic agenda. The Islamist surge in the region has emboldened Hamas' political ambitions and is making Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah party feel ever

Obama, Romney, Bibi and Iran Categories: Iran, Israel, United States     Author: Ahron Shapiro

Where must the line be drawn regarding Iran's dangerous and illegal nuclear weapons program? At what point should the very strongest measures, including the possibility of military strikes, be implemented in order to derail it? This is the question at the heart of a subtle yet significant disparity

Foreign Policy Ideology and Reality

Foreign Policy Ideology and Reality Categories: Israel, Middle East, United States     Author: Gil Troy

Despite the testy foreign policy debate between President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney of Oct. 23, it is difficult to assess any candidate's foreign policy ideology - let alone how that candidate will act as president. Predicting how a president will function in foreign affairs is as reli

New term likely for Bibi, but on what terms?

New term likely for Bibi, but on what terms? Categories: Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Though it was the first parliament in which the main opposition party was larger than the ruling party, Israel's outgoing Knesset will have served a full four years - the first since the 1980s to have done so - by the time the 19th Knesset is elected on January 22. Not only did the Knesset prove du

Deconstruction Zone: Hanan Ashrawi and the Other Refugees

Deconstruction Zone: Hanan Ashrawi and the Other Refugees Categories: Israel, Middle East     Author: Or Avi-Guy

Well-known Palestinian spokeswoman Hanan Ashrawi made headlines in Australia in 2003 when she was controversially awarded the Sydney Peace Prize. Now she has been in the headlines again with an article published in a number of Arab media outlets in late August insisting that "the claim that Jews who

Scribblings: Jewish "Jim Crow" in Algeria Categories: Antisemitism, Israel, Middle East     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

Regular readers of this column will know that I have frequently collected evidence here as to the historical state of Jewish communities in Arab lands in the years prior to Israel's establishment. I do this because one very frequently hears claims about the historical situations of these communities

Editorial: Taking Council Categories: Australasia, United Nations     Author: Colin Rubenstein

The successful conclusion of Australia's long-fought efforts to gain a temporary seat on the UN Security Council (UNSC) is very welcome. Congratulations are due to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Foreign Minister Senator Bob Carr, his deputy Richard Marles, and all the professionals who crafted a winn

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