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Ed: 37: September/2012

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Media Microscope: All President Morsi's Men Categories: Egypt, Media/ Academia     Author: Allon Lee

This month, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, acting on behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood, offered a stunning display of the political adage that one "should never allow a good crisis to go to waste". It was a tectonic shift. August started with Mubarak's cronies running the Supreme Council of Arme

Essay: Unexplored Possibilities

Essay: Unexplored Possibilities Categories: Asia, Israel     Author: Andrea Nadel

The current growing economic, political and military strength of numerous Asian countries has led observers to refer to the "Asian Century," and the world has taken notice. Indonesia exemplifies Asia's ascendancy: as the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation, it has experienced significant ec

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The plight of Palestinian nationalism

The plight of Palestinian nationalism Categories: Palestinians     Author: Jonathan Spyer

There is a strong case for saying that the Fatah-led Palestinian national movement, as we have known it from the late '60s onward, is fading from the scene. But while, in practical terms, the Palestinian national movement is an increasing irrelevance, the symbolic cause of Palestine nevertheless re

Living with Big Brother

Living with Big Brother Categories: Egypt, Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

In a typical Middle Eastern dynamic, what began with a hail of bullets soon produced political casualties, diplomatic fog, and strategic perplexity. The physical fire originally erupted near the Rafah border crossing between the Sinai Desert and the Gaza Strip, when presumably Islamist terrorists a

The view from Jerusalem

The view from Jerusalem Categories: Iran, Israel     Author: John Hannah

I recently returned from a trip to Israel. I met with a handful of very senior foreign policy and defence officials, but did not speak with any member of the “Forum of Eight” – Israel’s security cabinet that is responsible for key decisions concerning war and peace. With that

Decision Point

Decision Point Categories: Iran, Israel     Author: Michael Herzog

Israelis agree that Iran's nuclear program must be stopped, and their debate regarding a strike's cost-effectiveness, urgency, and impact on relations with the United States is coming to a head. With the heat of the summer has come an unprecedented flare-up in Israel's public debate on whether and


Scribblings: Abetting Iran at NAM Categories: Australasia, Iran, Palestinians     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

It is very disappointing to read reports that Australia has announced it plans to send two senior Australian diplomats to Teheran to participate as "guests" in the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) conference there from August 26 through 31. This forum is being exploited by the Iranian regime to gain suppo

Editorial: Race Hate and the Law Categories: Australasia     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Our society is founded on principles of civility, tolerance and the opportunity for all people, regardless of religion or racial or ethnic origins, to contribute to their maximum potential. This is why it is of fundamental concern when Australia's laws against public expressions of racial hatred are

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