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Iran and "Covert Action" Categories: Iran, Israel, United States     Author: Max Boot

We're in an era of "covert action." In the US, that phrase went into disrepute in the 1970s, when Congress' Church Committee exposed hare-brained CIA plots to eliminate foreign leaders, such as assassinating Fidel Castro with exploding cigars. President Ford banned assassinations, a chastened CIA ca

Beyond the Freeze Deal Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United States     Author: Robert Satloff

The recent announcement that the US Obama Administration has ended efforts to negotiate a 90-day extension of Israel's moratorium on West Bank settlement construction is more opportunity than embarrassment.

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Editorial: An overdue US policy reset Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United States     Author: Colin Rubenstein

There is no reason to believe that a second moratorium on construction in settlements would have led to a breakthrough. The Palestinian Authority (PA) repeatedly asserted that it would not agree to resume talks for a mere extension of the previous freeze, which ended in September. In that phase, the

Moral Victory

Moral Victory Categories: Iraq, Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Terrorism, United States     Author: Walter Russell Mead

And the Sunni Arabs of Iraq made a choice. They saw al-Qaeda at its best - volunteer freedom fighters come from around the world to fight for them - and they saw America at its worst, incompetent, insensitive, vacillating and violent. And they chose the United States. They decided that the future of

Obama and Bibi Meet in Washington Categories: Israel, United States, Updates    

As readers are probably aware, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held a much-anticipated meeting at the White House on Tuesday night with US President Barack Obama. This Update looks at the issues discussed and affected by the Summit, and the details of what was said.

Is Washington's Iran policy "confused" Categories: Iran, United States, Updates     Author: AIJAC staff

Much debate has been sparked by the revelation in the New York Times last weekend that US Defence Secretary Robert Gates had written a secret memo stating that, in the paper's words, the US lacks "an effective long-range policy for dealing with Iran’s steady progress toward nuclear capability."

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Washington Wash-up Categories: Israel, United States, Updates     Author: AIJAC staff

Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu spent most of the past week in the US capital but, unlike with many previous visits by Israeli PMs, much of the trip remains the subject of conjecture.

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