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Editorial: Destructive Traditions Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United Nations     Author: Colin Rubenstein

When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, does involvement of the United Nations help or hinder peacemaking? It's a question policymakers who sincerely want a genuine two-state resolution should be asking, as the Palestinian leadership pushes for a UN Security Council resolution to advance

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What 1961 can teach us about 2016

What 1961 can teach us about 2016 Categories: Israel, Speeches, United Nations, Updates     Author: Ahron Shapiro

It's particularly worthwhile from time to time, in an effort to better understand the core issues in the conflict, to revisit key source materials and policy statements during the period after the 1948 War of Independence and before the Six Day War of 1967 - before the IDF controlled even a centimet

Abbas' UN "Bombshell"

Abbas' UN "Bombshell" Categories: Palestinians, United Nations    

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas gave his much-foreshadowed speech at the UN General Assembly yesterday, and it only partially contained the "bombshell" that Palestinian sources repeatedly said it would. Amid a litany of accusations against Israel, and a rejection of r

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