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UN Palmer Report - Blockade of Gaza is Legal

UN Palmer Report - Blockade of Gaza is Legal Categories: Israel, Turkey, United Nations, Updates     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

The United Nation's "Palmer Report" into last year's flotilla incident on the Mavi Marmara has vindicated Israel by finding that the naval blockade of the Gaza strip, including Israel's right to enforce the blockade including in international waters is legal under international law and it has also r

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Palestinian UN bid - 'land for war'? Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United Nations, Updates     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

This blog post looks at the Palestinian UN bid and considers analysis from: Veteran Washington insider Steven Rosen who writes that the current proposal for UN recognition of an independent Palestinian state does not meet the legal requirements for statehood. Efarim Karsh and Asaf Romirowsky who h

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After September

After September Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United Nations     Author: Pinhas Inbari

For the most part, the international community is tired of the unending Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the prospect of the United Nations "ending" it in September by recognising Palestinian statehood is appealing to many. Moreover, many in the international community consider a solution based on

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