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New Zealand and Israel make amends

New Zealand and Israel make amends Categories: Australasia, Israel, United Nations, Updates     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

Israel announced on Tuesday that it will restore full diplomatic relations with New Zealand, and that its Ambassador Itzhak Gerberg will return to Wellington in the coming days.  Israel downgraded its diplomatic ties with New Zealand in response to New Zealand's co-sponsoring of UN Security Cou

Long overdue winds of change at the UN?

Long overdue winds of change at the UN? Categories: United Nations, United States     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

As Israel was celebrating its 69th birthday on Tuesday, the UNESCO Executive Board was at work passing yet another anti-Israel resolution. However, despite the resolution passing, some are viewing it as a diplomatic win as the numbers were significantly less than last year.

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AIR New Zealand: UNSC 2334 shockwaves

AIR New Zealand: UNSC 2334 shockwaves Categories: Australasia, Israel, United Nations     Author: Miriam Bell

United Nations Resolution 2334 came screaming out of the blue, just before Christmas. The "anti-settlement" resolution itself, which passed after the US broke with convention and abstained, was disturbing enough. But for Jewish New Zealanders it was particularly shocking.

Asia Watch: True to form

Asia Watch: True to form Categories: Asia, Islamic Extremism, Israel, United Nations     Author: Michael Shannon

Support from Malaysia and Indonesia for the United Nations Security Council's Resolution 2334 - which condemned Israeli settlement construction - came as no surprise, given both nations' longstanding sympathy for the Palestinian cause and concordant refusal to establish diplomatic relations with Isr

Trump and the UNRWA farce

Trump and the UNRWA farce Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United Nations     Author: Sol Stern

To make a real difference, our next president needs to understand how the United Nations' hostility to the Jewish state is rooted in perverse institutions that have been abetted by previous US administrations. The most glaring example of this is the inaptly named United Nations Relief and Works Agen

The Aftermath of UNSC Resolution 2334

The Aftermath of UNSC Resolution 2334 Categories: Israel, United Nations, Updates    

This Update deals with the implications and aftermath of UN Security Council Resolution (UNSC) 2334 (the text of the resolution is here) , which passed 14-0 with the US abstaining, on Dec. 23. The controversial resolution condemns Israel over settlements, and has a number of other provisions likely

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