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The time for peace has come Categories: Australasia, Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Next week, Israel will mark the 60th anniversary of its founding. Israel's story in that time has been an amazing and inspiring one, a fact too often forgotten in the debate over terrorism and violence, peace plans and peace processes, accusation and counter-accusation.

Much to celebrate in Israel's 60 years Categories: Israel, Op-eds     Author: Colin Rubenstein

As recognised in last week's bi-partisan federal parliametnary motion introduced by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Israel's story over the last 60 years has been an amazing and inspiring one. Unfortunately, Israel's critics have used its conflict with the Palestinians to cast doubt on the legitimacy of

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Terrorism remains the problem Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians, Terrorism     Author: Colin Rubenstein

LATE on Thursday night a Palestinian terrorist killed eight Jewish students and wounded 11 others when he unleashed a hail of bullets inside a religious school in Jerusalem. It is the worst terrorist attack in a major Israel city in two years.

The Sounds of Hate Categories: Antisemitism, Europe, Far Right, Islamic Extremism, Op-eds     Author: Allon Lee

The concern over controversial Croatian rock musician Marko Perkovic’s upcoming Australian tour may surprise some but it is understandable because of the serious allegations surrounding him. Overseas reports claim Perkovic, 42, is openly sympathetic to the World War Two Nazi-collaborationist

Annapolis critics ignore genuine peace efforts Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Adam Frey

At last month's Annapolis peace conference - attended by more than 40 countries, including 16 members of the Arab League - Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) successfully renewed peace negotiations after years of inactivity. Apparently that is not enough for Antony Loewenstein and Michael Sha


Nukes or not, Iran remains a threat Categories: Iran, Op-eds, United States     Author: Bren Carlill

AMERICAN intelligence agencies believe Iran has halted its nuclear weapons program. Since an Iranian nuclear bomb would risk destabilising the entire Middle East, this sounds like great news. But it's worth looking beyond the headlines.

Chance for Peace Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

THE Annapolis peace conference in the United States marked a hopeful start to a renewed negotiating process between Israel and the Palestinians. Now that Israel and the Palestinians have committed themselves to a two-track process, the tough part begins.

Annapolis: The Devil's in the Details Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

The Annapolis peace conference marked a hopeful start to a renewed negotiating process between Israel and the Palestinians. All of the parties said the right things, and the presence of many moderate Arab and Muslim states at the conference was a welcomed development. And as hard as it was to get ev

Howard's achievements, Rudd's promise Categories: Australasia, Iraq, Israel, Middle East, Op-eds     Author: Colin Rubenstein

The new Rudd Government gives every indication of not only seeking to match, but if possible, even improve on the excellent record of the Howard Government in terms of both willingness to act on Jewish domestic concerns and also Australia's support for Israel's security and peacemaking efforts.

Slow steps to solve Arab-Israeli conflict Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Bren Carlill

The history of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is littered with the corpses of failed talks or quickly failed agreements. They failed, by and large, because adequate preparation wasn’t made in the lead-up to talks or implementation of agreements.

That road does not lead to peace Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

VISITING British-Palestinian intellectual Ghada Karmi referred frequently to Middle East peace in her recent article, ("Israel's power is roadblock to peace in the Middle East", The Age Opinion, 10/10) but also perfectly illustrated one reason why achieving a viable and lasting Israeli-Palestinian p

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