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Broken dreams in the promised land Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Bren Carlill

EHUD Barak and Yasser Arafat, smiling broadly, jostled before the world's cameras to see who could enter the door last. It was Camp David, the US presidential retreat in Maryland, and the world waited as the Israeli and Palestinian leaders attempted to conclude a permanent peace agreement. This week


Of Blockades and Blockheads Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Allon Lee

Why are supposed human rights activists so quick to attack Israel but never make a squeak against the anti-peace Hamas regime that persecutes women, Christians and homosexuals? Why does the Gaza flotilla bloodshed automatically cancel out the moral and legal imperative of maintaining Israel and Egyp

Blockade will end when Hamas wants peace Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Bren Carlill

If Israel is forced to lift the blockade, the unintended result will be the death of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. If Hamas "beats" Israel and successfully arms like Hezbollah, ordinary Palestinians will believe violence (the Hamas path) is better than negotiations (the Fatah path). Fatah w

Flotilla sailed for confrontation, not for aid Categories: Israel, Op-eds, Palestinians     Author: Bren Carlill

Israel told flotilla organisers the aid could be transferred across the Gaza-Israel land border. (It still will be.) The flotilla could also have co-operated with Egypt or the UN in order to help Palestinians, but refused to do so. Helping Palestinians wasn't its goal, confronting Israel was.

The legacy of a true friend Categories: Asia, Israel, Op-eds     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Almost uniquely among Muslim leaders and the heads of Muslim states, Wahid was not reticent about his friendship for Israel and his close ties and desire for even closer ones with the Jewish people.

Time's Up for Iran Sanctions Categories: International Security, Iran, Op-eds     Author: Colin Rubenstein

If anyone still had any doubts about Iran's nuclear intentions, these should have been dispelled by last week's revelations in The Times of documents showing Iran experimented with neutron trigger technology. Such technology can only be used in nuclear weaponry.

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