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Disastrous Elections vs. Bloody Civil War in Egypt

Disastrous Elections vs. Bloody Civil War in Egypt Categories: Egypt, Islamic Extremism     Author: Barry Rubin

Only days before parliamentary elections, Egypt was in a huge crisis whose outcome will determine the future of almost 80 million people and perhaps the Arabic-speaking world's fate for decades to come. Will the army go ahead with elections that will be won by the Muslim Brotherhood and other radic

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"Pinkwashing" pejorative wiping tolerance away

"Pinkwashing" pejorative wiping tolerance away Categories: Anti-Zionism, Gulf states, Islamic Extremism, Israel, Multimedia, Palestinians, Updates     Author: Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

Fast becoming a viral sensation, a new YouTube video (below) shows two Spanish men "photobombing" an al-Jazeera broadcast by engaging in a long, passionate kiss in frame as the reporter is talking.  The irony of the video is that while the two were supposedly making a point about marriage equa

In the workplace? In a car? Middle East grapples over women's whereabouts

In the workplace? In a car? Middle East grapples over women's whereabouts Categories: Afghanistan/ Pakistan, Gulf states, Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Updates     Author: Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

As I wrote earlier this year, a great deal of the problems facing the Arab world as it stumbles towards democracy stem from a conservative culture that is inhibiting female participation in society. Some very illuminative data on this issue is provided by Sara Hamdan in today's International Herald

Islamism and the Arab Spring

Islamism and the Arab Spring Categories: Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Updates    

This Updates features three informative pieces on the seemingly increasingly Islamist tint colouring the Arab Spring movements, from Tunisia, to Libya, to Egypt, and beyond. First up is one of Israel's most respected and sober Middle East experts, Dr. Asher Susser from Tel Aviv Universi

Report on Antisemitism in Australia, November 2011 Categories: Antisemitism, Australasia, Documents, Far Right, Immigration/ Multiculturalism, Islamic Extremism, Monographs/ Submissions, Reference     Author: Jeremy Jones

It is a reality, if a regrettable one, that within the population of Australia there are individuals who are antisemitic. There are, also within our society, organisations which have as their primary purpose combating what they perceive to be the nefarious activities of Jews. There are some organisa

Will Libya be a Radical Islamist State?

Will Libya be a Radical Islamist State? Categories: Islamic Extremism, Libya     Author: Barry Rubin

Will US President Barack Obama soon be wearing a T-shirt saying:" I SPENT $3 BILLION OF YOUR TAX MONEY IN LIBYA AND ALL I GOT WAS A LOUSY ISLAMIST REGIME!"? The answer isn't clear yet, though there are worrisome portents. The main evidence of the moment is the "liberation" speech given by US-backed

Asia Watch: The Elephant in the Room Categories: Asia, Islamic Extremism, Terrorism     Author: Michael Shannon

Concerns about growing religious intolerance in Indonesia have been heightened in recent weeks in the wake of violent attacks and restrictive local laws, but legislative moves appear unlikely to address the core problem. Some recent scene-setting events demonstrate the scope of the problem.More tha

AIJAC UPDATE - The political and moral costs of the failure to sanction Syria

AIJAC UPDATE - The political and moral costs of the failure to sanction Syria Categories: Europe, Iran, Islamic Extremism, Israel, Lebanon, Middle East, Palestinians, Syria, Turkey, United Nations, Updates     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

Today's Update looks at Syria, Iran and Turkey against the backdrop of the veto by China and Russia of sanctions by the UN Security Council against the Assad regime in Damascus for its ongoing violent crackdown against anti-government protesters. The resolution was supported by nine members but, sig

9/11 Ten Years Later

9/11 Ten Years Later Categories: Islamic Extremism, Terrorism, Updates    

This Update is devoted to three different pieces reflecting on where the world now is,  ten years after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks - both in terms of the current understanding of those events and in terms of the their consequences. First up is noted journalist and author

The Biblio File: Suicide by Bomb

The Biblio File: Suicide by Bomb Categories: Islamic Extremism, Terrorism     Author: Max Boot

Ah, social science. All those numbers. All those technical terms. How comforting. How reassuring. How definitive. If only. Case in point: Robert A. Pape, a political scientist at the University of Chicago, who made a big splash with Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism (2005). H

Gaza, Hamas and the PRC

Gaza, Hamas and the PRC Categories: Islamic Extremism, Israel, Palestinians, Terrorism     Author: Jonathan D. Halevi

The terrorist attack in southern Israel on August 18 in which eight Israelis were killed - six civilians and two from the security forces - was initiated and executed by the Palestinian terrorist organisation known as the "Popular Resistance Committees", which operate as a terrorist arm of Hamas. Th

Egypt - Opponents of Islamism Uniting?

Egypt - Opponents of Islamism Uniting? Categories: Egypt, Islamic Extremism, Updates     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

In Egypt, it is being reported that 14 political groups opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist parties there have united to form a new bloc - called the "The Egyptian Bloc" - to compete in the upcoming parliamentary elections... This seems to be good news - a sign that the liberal for

The Sinai "Badlands"

The Sinai "Badlands" Categories: Egypt, Islamic Extremism, Palestinians, Updates     Author: Tzvi Fleischer and Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

This blog has been following events in Egypt over the past few weeks, as the Islamist groups seem to have been becoming far more assertive, resulting in increased weapons smuggling to Hamas in Gaza and, potentially, a cosier relationship between Egypt and Iran

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Just What Exactly is Going On in Egypt?

Just What Exactly is Going On in Egypt? Categories: Egypt, Islamic Extremism, Updates     Author: Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

While most eyes have been directed at the public spectacle of the trial of former dictator Hosni Mubarak, a less visible but far more important trial has been facing Egypt as a whole. As Sharyn outlined on Wednesday, the increasing show of strength by Islamist forces in Egypt has dramatically altere

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