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Asia Watch: Looking East? Categories: Asia, Islamic Extremism     Author: Michael Shannon

The self-proclaimed "caliph" of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, is... apparently searching for new territory and new recruits. The Far East is certainly on his radar and one incubator might be the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao in the Philippines, specifically Basilan and other islan

Know Thine Enemy

Know Thine Enemy Categories: Islamic Extremism, Middle East     Author: Eran Lerman

With President Trump's administration now busily dismantling much of what his predecessor left behind, it is more important than ever to proceed from a clear identification of adversary forces. "Know thine enemy" is an ancient strategic precept that has been largely been forgotten in recent years. T

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Biblio File: The Philosopher

Biblio File: The Philosopher Categories: Antisemitism, Islamic Extremism, Israel, Middle East     Author: Ben Cohen

Bernard-Henri Lévy, France's leading public intellectual, has a new book, The Genius of Judaism - perhaps the fullest expression yet of his commitment to the Jewish faith, Jewish culture, and the continued flourishing of the State of Israel. Newly-returned from the Iraqi city of Mosul, where

Asia Watch: True to form

Asia Watch: True to form Categories: Asia, Islamic Extremism, Israel, United Nations     Author: Michael Shannon

Support from Malaysia and Indonesia for the United Nations Security Council's Resolution 2334 - which condemned Israeli settlement construction - came as no surprise, given both nations' longstanding sympathy for the Palestinian cause and concordant refusal to establish diplomatic relations with Isr

Asia Watch: Mixed signals on new jihadist offshoot

Asia Watch: Mixed signals on new jihadist offshoot Categories: Asia, Islamic Extremism     Author: Michael Shannon

Duterte has expressed sympathy with the historic grievances of minority Muslims in Mindanao and would prefer talks to war with armed Islamist groups. But groups that have aligned with international Islamist franchises, whether al-Qaeda or Islamic State, can expect less sympathy.

The Last Word: Friendship in Java

The Last Word: Friendship in Java Categories: Antisemitism, Asia, Islamic Extremism     Author: Jeremy Jones

In Indonesia recently, I had reason to reflect on bigotry, particularly as it relates to problems of terrorism, extremism and threats to civilised societies. My first engagement was in Jakarta, at the 6th World Peace Forum (WPF) - hosted by the Indonesian Muslim organisation Muhammadiyah, the relat

Video: Bangkok Track II conference – "Islamist Movements and Middle East Turmoil: Implications for Southeast Asia

Video: Bangkok Track II conference – "Islamist Movements and Middle East Turmoil: Implications for Southeast Asia Categories: Asia, Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Multimedia, Terrorism, Updates    

Veteran Israel commentator Ehud Yaari delivered a very perceptive overview of the Middle East at a public session hosted by the Institute of Security and International Studies (ISIS) in Bangkok: "Islamist Movements and Middle East Turmoil: Lessons from and Implications for Southeast Asia". It is hig

The Decline of Wilayat Sinai

The Decline of Wilayat Sinai Categories: Egypt, Islamic Extremism, Terrorism     Author: Yoram Schweitzer

Wilayat Sinai, an organisation identified with Islamic State, has recently suffered a series of serious blows from the Egyptian Army. Most prominent among them was the air strike in early August 2016 that killed dozens of senior commanders, launched as part of a targeted campaign against terrorism i

After ISIS - a New ISIS

After ISIS - a New ISIS Categories: Islamic Extremism, Terrorism     Author: Jacob Olidort

In August, US President Barack Obama reassured the Pentagon that Islamic State will "inevitably be defeated". US Government officials, generals, and pundits have been debating what could happen when the group is defeated in Iraq and Syria and have been hard at work penning ISIS obituaries...

The Retreat of ISIS

The Retreat of ISIS Categories: Iraq, Islamic Extremism, Syria     Author: Col. Jacques Neriah

Two years ago, the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq's (ISIS) blitz assault across a swath of land as big as the United Kingdom led to the establishment of the self-proclaimed Caliphate and fragmented both Syria and Iraq. The recent defeats inflicted on Islamic radicals, however, have considerably shr

Media Week - It's not all right; Church and Hate

Media Week - It's not all right; Church and Hate Categories: Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism, Australasia, Islamic Extremism, Israel, Media/ Academia, Middle East, Palestinians, Terrorism     Author: Allon Lee

On August 29, the Age, Canberra Times and Sydney Morning Herald websites ran a Washington Post report about the controversial Palestinian village of Susiya in Area C of the West Bank - that is the area under full Israeli control, with relatively few Palestinian residents. The Israeli courts have or

Asia Watch: King-pin down

Asia Watch: King-pin down Categories: Asia, Islamic Extremism, Terrorism     Author: Michael Shannon

Santoso and his men from the MIT have been behind numerous attacks on police since 2012, particularly the anti-terror unit Detachment 88. By the time he was shot, he was responsible for the deaths of more than a dozen police and had tried to kill many more. Having pledged allegiance to Islamic Stat

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