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Starting to "Surge" in Iraq? Categories: Iraq     Author: Frederick W. Kagan

The new effort to establish security in Iraq has begun. At this early stage, the most important positive development is a rise in hostility to al-Qaeda in the Sunni community.

Trouble along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border/ Holocaust Inversion Categories: Afghanistan/ Pakistan, Antisemitism, Iraq, Islamic Extremism, Lebanon, Terrorism     Author: AIJAC staff

As widely reported, a major renewal of fighting in Afghanistan is expected shortly. The Taliban, based across the border with Pakistan, are expected to make large scale incursions as soon as the mountain snows allow. This Update leads with two pieces on Pakistan's invidious role in encouraging this

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The Other Iraq Categories: Iraq     Author: Michael J. Totten

What a difference a year makes. Fourteen months ago I flew to Irbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, from Beirut, Lebanon, on the dubiously named Flying Carpet Airlines. Flying Carpet?s entire fleet is one small noisy plane with propellers, cramped seats, and thin cabin pressure.


Iran Crises Escalates Categories: Iran, Iraq, Middle East     Author: AIJAC staff

The UN Security Council passed Resolution 1747 on the weekend, imposing additional sanctions on Iran after it failed to comply with a previous resolution, passed in December, demanding Iran halt uranium enrichment which is widely viewed as part of Iran's program to illegally build nuclear weapons.

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