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The NIE and the Iranian Bomb Categories: International Security, Iran     Author: Patrick Clawson

The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) released at the beginning of December, "Iran: Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities", is about weaponisation, not the enrichment and fuel cycle issues that have been the focus of multiple UN Security Council and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) board r


Nukes or not, Iran remains a threat Categories: Iran, Op-eds, United States     Author: Bren Carlill

AMERICAN intelligence agencies believe Iran has halted its nuclear weapons program. Since an Iranian nuclear bomb would risk destabilising the entire Middle East, this sounds like great news. But it's worth looking beyond the headlines.

We're MAD if we do not rein in Iran Categories: Iran     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Most analysts agree that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. There are many reasons why Iran shouldn't be allowed to do so. Iran is already the chief source of instability throughout the Middle East - it funds and arms Hezbollah, Hamas, Shi'ite terrorists in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The latest sanctions on Iran Categories: Iran     Author: AIJAC staff

As readers will be aware, the US government instituted some new unilateral sanctions against Iran last week, directed against the elite al-Quds Brigade of the Revolutionary Guards, and against certain financial institutions dealing with them. This Update analyses the likely and intended effects of t

Russian Roulette on Iran Categories: International Security, Iran, Russia    

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been the most important barrier to stronger UN sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, visited Iran this week and made some statements that seem likely to reinforce Iranian intransigence and also promised to finish the Bushehr nuclear reactor.

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