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Internal strife in Iran - time for more tyrants to fall?

Internal strife in Iran - time for more tyrants to fall? Categories: Iran, Middle East, Updates     Author: Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

Whether it was slaughter of innocents in its strong ally, Syria, or proxy attacks on US and allied forces in Iraq, Iran has been making its presence felt throughout the Middle East in recent weeks. What is, perhaps, less widely reported is that the Islamic Republic has been

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Iran gives new meaning to "fashion police"

Iran gives new meaning to "fashion police" Categories: Iran, Islamic Extremism, Updates     Author: Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

Iranian authorities have just announced that they are extending their crackdown on "un-Islamic dress codes" to include various "Western-influenced" men's haircuts and jewellery. Iranian women have traditionally been harrassed by the "moral police" for not following the strict, conservative dress cod

Bahrain, Iran and US Policy

Bahrain, Iran and US Policy Categories: Gulf states, Iran, Middle East, Saudi Arabia     Author: Simon Henderson

Neither Saudi Arabia - which bankrolls much in Bahrain, from items on the national budget to King Hamad's personal Boeing 747-400 aircraft - nor the UAE seem amenable to the notion of Bahrain being a test case for the Obama Administration's policy of promoting universal freedoms of political express

Iran and the Middle East wave of protest Categories: Iran, Middle East, Updates    

Today's Update features some views on Iranian reactions to the protests across the Middle East, as well as internal divisions within the Iranian regime. First up is Iranian-American journalist Azadeh Moaveni, who is not only familiar with the Iranian scene, but also previously reported from Egypt.

Turning Green Again in Iran Categories: Iran     Author: Omid Memarian & Roja Heydarpour

Aside from the imprisonment of its leaders and the isolation from the world, the Green Movement suffers from a lack of direction. The Egyptians had a very clear demand: They wanted Mubarak out. In Iran, there is still some confusion about whether there should be another revolution or reform within t

Iran and "Covert Action" Categories: Iran, Israel, United States     Author: Max Boot

We're in an era of "covert action." In the US, that phrase went into disrepute in the 1970s, when Congress' Church Committee exposed hare-brained CIA plots to eliminate foreign leaders, such as assassinating Fidel Castro with exploding cigars. President Ford banned assassinations, a chastened CIA ca

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Ahmadinejad in Political Trouble? Categories: Iran, Updates     Author: AIJAC staff

It was reported earlier this week that the Iranian parliament or Majlis, started to move to impeach hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, until he was rescued from the move by the intervention of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. This Update looks at what is going on in Iranian internal polit

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