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Essay: Winging It

Essay: Winging It Categories: International Security, Lebanon, Terrorism     Author: Jeni Willenzik

During a meeting of the European Union (EU) Foreign Affairs Council on July 22, a consensus was reached among the 28 foreign ministers representing each of the EU's member states. After months of discussion, it was agreed to ban Hezbollah's military wing. In doing so they joined Australia, Canada, t

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Editorial: No Time for Nuclear Honeymoon Categories: International Security, Iran     Author: Colin Rubenstein

The election of Hassan Rouhani as Iran's next president - the most moderate, or rather, the least extreme of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei's hand-picked slate of candidates - certainly appears to signal that the Iranian people want internal reforms, relief from their highly repressive re

After the Almaty nuclear talks

After the Almaty nuclear talks Categories: International Security, Iran, Updates    

In the P5+1 nuclear talks with Iran last week, it was agreed to hold two additional meetings - a technical meeting in March and full political talks in early April - after the P5+1 powers softened their demands of Iran and offered greater incentives for agreeing to an interim agr


Editorial: Compelling Case for a Ban Categories: Australasia, International Security, Terrorism     Author: Colin Rubenstein

The recent announcement by Bulgarian authorities that two Hezbollah agents - including one Australian national - were being sought in connection with the deadly July 2012 Burgas bombing of a bus filled with Israeli tourists should serve as a wake up call for Australia, EU and the wider global commun

A new round of talks with Iran?

A new round of talks with Iran? Categories: International Security, Iran, Updates    

Reports are coming out about an agreement for a renewal of negotiations regarding Iran's nuclear program in late February following an exchange of remarks about returning to talks between US Vice-President Biden and Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi on the weekend. This Upd

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