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Europa Europa: Going Swedish?

Europa Europa: Going Swedish? Categories: Europe, International Security, Iran, United States     Author: Douglas Davis

From Israel to Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the myriad Gulf statelets, the perception that Washington has thrown in its lot with the Iranian-led Shia world - Syria and Hezbollah, plus Iraq - is unmistakable. That might not have been Obama's intention, but in such matters, percepti

Scribblings: Nuclear Sophistry

Scribblings: Nuclear Sophistry Categories: International Security, Iran, Israel     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

When debating policy on Iran's illegal nuclear program, one argument that always gets raised is the supposed "double standard" of forcing Iran to give up its efforts to build nuclear weapons when Israel is believed to have nuclear weapons capabilities. Morally, the question is not that hard to addr

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A dangerous deal on Iran

A dangerous deal on Iran Categories: International Security, Iran, Israel, Op-eds     Author: Colin Rubenstein

The world is overwhelmingly united in agreeing on a number of points about the decades-old Iranian nuclear crisis. One is that Iran cannot be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons capabilities, in violation of both the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and six legally-binding United Nations Security Cou


Editorial: Back from the Brink? Categories: International Security, Iran     Author: Colin Rubenstein

The recent disagreement between Israel and the United States over the parameters of an interim Iranian nuclear deal is significant, but its importance should also not be exaggerated. The Israeli position on the diplomatic next step - as outlined by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu - and the attitu

Pause for a rethink will help West

Pause for a rethink will help West Categories: International Security, Iran, Op-eds     Author: Colin Rubenstein

US Secretary of State John Kerry and his colleagues among the P5+1 powers who are involved in nuclear negotiations with Iran are in full agreement: striking a bad deal in an attempt to curb Iran's illegal nuclear program would be worse than making no deal at all. This certainly applies to interim d

Almost a nuclear deal in Geneva?

Almost a nuclear deal in Geneva? Categories: International Security, Iran, Updates    

As readers are probably aware, in last weeks Geneva talks between the "P5+1" (US, UK, France, Russia, China and Germany) and Iran, the parties at one point appeared close to an interim agreement, with Foreign Ministers flying in to join the talks, but then broke up without re

Behind Rouhani's charm offensive

Behind Rouhani's charm offensive Categories: International Security, Iran, United States     Author: Michael Segall

In mid-October, a further round of talks began between Iran and the West. Unlike in earlier rounds, this time there have been direct negotiations between the United States and Iran, occurring behind the scenes of the talks between Iran and the P5+1 group (the five permanent members of the UN Securit

Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal? Categories: International Security, Iran     Author: Ron Ben Yishai

Washington and Jerusalem's initial assessments regarding Teheran's intentions were correct. The partial information coming in following the negotiations in Geneva on October 15 and 16 indicates that the current Iranian leadership is in fact proposing a valid deal on its nuclear program... Iran prese

Editorial: The Iranian charm offensive Categories: International Security, Iran     Author: Colin Rubenstein

There is a definite international diplomatic buzz over new proposals floated at October's P5+1 talks in Geneva aimed at curbing Iran's nuclear program. The Islamic Republic's PR makeover, which began with the election of Hassan Rouhani in June and continued with a charm offensive at the UN General A

Toward a viable Iran nuclear deal

Toward a viable Iran nuclear deal Categories: International Security, Iran, Updates    

A round of talks in Geneva about Iran's nuclear program Tuesday and Wednesday ended with the Western powers reporting some progress, and plans made for additional talks early next month  after Iran gave a Powerpoint presentation whose exact content is unknown but which I

As Good as it Gets?

As Good as it Gets? Categories: International Security, Russia, Syria     Author: Chuck Freilich

On paper, the Russian proposal to dismantle Syria's chemical weapons looks like the optimal outcome. A military attack to punish Syria for its use of chemical weapons was never the objective, but a means to an end, which was to firmly establish the principle that the use of chemical weapons will not

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Essay: Winging It

Essay: Winging It Categories: International Security, Lebanon, Terrorism     Author: Jeni Willenzik

During a meeting of the European Union (EU) Foreign Affairs Council on July 22, a consensus was reached among the 28 foreign ministers representing each of the EU's member states. After months of discussion, it was agreed to ban Hezbollah's military wing. In doing so they joined Australia, Canada, t

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