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Head to Head

Head to Head Categories: Australasia, Immigration/ Multiculturalism, Israel, Middle East    

In keeping with a long-standing pre-election tradition at the AIR, we sent a series of policy questions to the campaigns of both Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, leading the Liberal/National coalition, and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, leading the Australian Labor Party. The questions focus on iss

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Noted and Quoted - May 2016 Categories: Australasia, Israel, Media/ Academia, Middle East    

The Age editorialised (March 28), following Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif's visit to Australia in mid-March, that Australia and Iran "do not, and will not in the near future, see eye to eye on matters of human rights." The paper attacked Zarif's "hypocrisy about human rights" calling it "bre


Noted and Quoted - April 2016 Categories: Australasia, Media/ Academia    

SBS reporter Rena Sarumpaet's report on a series of multiple Palestinian terror attacks carried out on March 8 stated that "this latest flare up is a reminder of how paralysed peace talks are, critics citing a United States distracted by more immediate concerns such as Syria and IS." This is relati

AIR New Zealand: Moving Pictures to Open Doors

AIR New Zealand: Moving Pictures to Open Doors Categories: Australasia, Israel     Author: Miriam Bell

Building bridges with art and culture is a time-honoured tradition. It could be a partnership between musicians from countries in conflict, or a fine art exhibition aiming to break down the gap between different parts of the world. Whatever the form, the arts can serve to create empathy, understandi

Don't Be Fooled by Iranian Minister's Charm Offensive

Don't Be Fooled by Iranian Minister's Charm Offensive Categories: Australasia, Iran, Op-eds     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Australia recently hosted Iranian Foreign Minister Dr Mohammad Javad Zarif, the Islamic Republic's urbane and seemingly moderate face. However, charm and a lovely accent do not make someone a moderate. In fact analysis of his various comments while here reveals much about the unchanged nature of Ira

Media Microscope: Welcome to Oz, Dr. Zarif Categories: Australasia, Iran, Media/ Academia     Author: Allon Lee

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif's controversial visit to Australia prompted cautious support and stinging criticism of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop for extending the invitation and appearing at a joint press conference. On March 11, the Australian's foreign editor Greg Sheridan wrote, "the Ir

Editorial: Dr. Zarif’s Friendly Face

Editorial: Dr. Zarif’s Friendly Face Categories: Australasia, Iran     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Australia recently hosted Dr. Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iran's Foreign Minister - the urbane and seemingly moderate face of the Islamic regime. However, just because someone is charming and speaks English with a lovely accent, does not make him a moderate. In fact a close look at his various comments wh

Media Microscope: Labor daze Categories: Australasia, Israel, Media/ Academia     Author: Allon Lee

The NSW ALP's state conference in February was the latest forum to debate whether to ban party members from travelling to Israel on sponsored trips, or else require they spend equal time in Palestinian areas. Like other ALP conferences, the fixation of elements of the party on Israel generated a wa

The Last Word: Opening Eyes Categories: Australasia, Interfaith Dialogue, Israel     Author: Jeremy Jones

When any of my discussions turned to the subject of the current tensions and prospect for a better future for Israelis and Palestinians, condemnations of the obsessive Israel-bashers in the West were passionate and consistent and often contained the same advice - let people exposed to crazed anti-Is

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