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A Crossroads in Afghanistan Categories: Afghanistan/ Pakistan     Author: Alex Alexiev

The capture of the Taliban's second in command in Karachi in early February has been treated in the media as a major US coup and a watershed event in US-Pakistani cooperation in the war against the Taliban. It is, regrettably, nothing of the kind.

Essay: How to win in Afghanistan Categories: Afghanistan/ Pakistan     Author: Max Boot

When General Stanley McChrystal was selected on May 11 of this year as the American and NATO commander in Afghanistan, it was by no means certain which approach he would employ. His background is almost entirely in counterterrorism.

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Israel's New Government Categories: Afghanistan/ Pakistan, Israel, Updates     Author: AIJAC staff

As readers will be aware, Israel's new government was sworn in on Tuesday. First up, the Jerusalem Post editorialises both about the bloated size of the new cabinet - 30 ministers and seven deputy ministers - and the need to move forward on a number of fronts despite the problematic size created by

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Yes, We Can Categories: Afghanistan/ Pakistan, Iraq, Islamic Extremism, Lebanon, Middle East, Terrorism     Author: Frederick W. Kagan, Max Boot & Kimberly Kagan

Fears of impending disaster are hard to sustain, however, if you actually spend some time in Afghanistan, as we did recently at the invitation of General David Petraeus, chief of US Central Command. We spent eight days travelling from the snow-capped peaks of Kunar province near the border with Paki

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